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| Buckwheat Ski Classic 2018

March 18th - 24th, 2018
Welcome Buckwheat 0032 Volunteers. Live and Let Ski!
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Log Cabin Society Ski Society
Volunteer Services Agreement

The Buckwheat Ski classic is a race of regional significance that is international in nature, a celebration of spring and what makes this region truly great! The race began as a crazy idea in 1987 and over time has evolved into an event that is truly remarkable!

The race itself would not exist if it were not for the exceptional and sometimes herculean efforts of volunteers' past and present. I understand that as a volunteer I am a representative of the Buckwheat Ski Classic and as a representative of the race I have a responsibility to present and conduct myself in a manner that will reflect positively on this event, its unique nature, and tremendous history. Enjoy, be safe, and have fun!